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Our History

  • 1952 We started passenger transportation service as KERVAN SARAY.
  • 1978 We continue our services under LALE Seyahat.
  • 1988 Our services were offered under NEVTUR Tourism.
  • 2005 With General Board meeting, we are offering our services to our guests with current NEVŞEHİRLİLER SEYAHAT name and title.


Our Mission

Our mission is;
  • To preserve our work ethic and honest work principles and become one of the reputable companies in public,
  • To follow “Innovative” and “Developmental” path,
  • To have a technology that can be renewed continuously,
  • To determine our goals and objectives focused on perfectionism,
  • Providing best service with “humans first” approach rather than business centric approach,
  • Being conscious about our responsibilities towards environment and humanity.

Our Vision

As Nevşehirliler Seyahat, our vision is to make correct investment decision on right time, achieve sustainability, and use resources obtained from activities as efficiency investment tools.

Our Quality Policy

  • To meet all needs and expectations of our guests, providing safe and comfortable travel, developing for changing conditions, and renewing ourselves based on these conditions for highest level of customer satisfaction.
  • The way to achieve this to increase employee loyalty with trainings that will encourage innovative recommendations and increasing efficiency and service quality with team spirit.

Nevşehir Seyehat Misyonu

Social Responsibility

Our mission is to preserve our work ethic and honest work principles and become one of the reputable companies in public.

Real gain is the gain that reflects in the service.

For me, “Rather than giving food to needy, teach how to catch fish. This way, he can learn to earn his own life,” expression is vital. You will give bread to a needy person but that person will face the same thing in the next day. Although you offer bread in golden plate, that person will be hungry on the next day and will be needy again. But, if you train that person and help that person to have a skill, the same neediness will not repeat. I am looking at other countries and literacy level is almost 100%. In our country, there are children who have never been to school even though they are at school age. Many of our villages do not have schools. People there cannot catch fish.

Quran starts with “Read!” If reading was not this important, why would God start with this order? Atatürk says, “Our true mentor in life is science. ” It is illumination of science that will guide us to reach “level of contemporary civilisation”. This light will expand with school. We are feeling sad when we see elderly people who cannot even write their own name. To prevent the same thing to happen their children, we would like to help them to embrace the light of science and become useful individuals for their family, people, and state.

In the past, there was “Built Your Own School” campaign rather than asking this from the state. Such initiatives to build school are determinative for our country and people. With this belief, I will try my best to support education. All our efforts is to bring service to every part of our land and people; educate people we employ to support their development and enable our personnel to offer happier, higher quality, and more reliable service; to employ and train individuals with occupational competence, ethical values, and economically sufficient; to expand our services, to achieve higher level, and to disperse it in every field.

Nevşehir Seyehat Misyonu

Our Fleet

Our Branch Offices

Ticket Transactions

No rights could be claimed for tickets with expired date and hour. However, by paying price difference, tickets of passengers who miss the bus service prepared as Golden ticket can be prepared for the next available service when ticket holder calls call center from 0850 241 50 50 at most 1 hours after departure date and time.

Under Road Transport Law No.4925, passengers can get refund if the ticket is cancelled 24 hours or more before the journey. Cancellation requests made 12 hours before the journey are turned into open ticket with 6 month duration. There is no refund for open tickets. Open tickets that are not used within 6 months are cancelled.

Please provide correct information when making a reservation and buying your ticket. After your ticket is prepared, please control all information on the front and back part of the ticket. All information on the front and back part of the ticket are considered accepted by passenger.

If you don’t buy your ticket until date and hour specified during reservation, your reservation is automatically cancelled by the system.

It is dangerous for children between 0-12 to sit on seats 1-2-3-4 and this is prohibited.

Nevşehir Seyehat Misyonu

Contact Us

Our Address
Mehmet Akif Ersoy Mah. Terminal Bulvarı No:7/1 Nevşehir

Phone :
0850 241 50 50
Fax :
+90 384 213 18 78

Confidentiality Agreement

Privacy Procedure

NEVŞEHİR SEYAHAT undertakes complete application of all related rules. This way, based on personal information collection principles stated below, we are showing our utmost attention to keep all collected information under strict safety and security conditions.

We are minimising personal information collection and use. We are only storing personal information to complete our operations, offer high quality service as well as different promotions.Personal Information Collection Procedure By using our website, you agree that we will collect your personal information and use these information by branches and agencies of NEVŞEHİR SEYAHAT and by companies deemed suitable by NEVŞEHİR SEYAHAT.

Your information may be used for the following objectives:
• Completing your reservation and sales and managing your account
• Marketing of all our services and related products
• Creating lists to collect statistics related with your operations and continue our communication with you, generating commercial statistics and analysis for website use.
• Identity verification and creating records • Purposes related with abovementioned items • Compliant with execution, rules, and regulations in practice,
• As long as these rules and conditions are applicable,
• NEVŞEHİR SEYAHAT can transfer data to third parties by considering rights of users, related laws, and interest of all parties.

Forms that you use for providing us information are encrypted and protected with SSL technology during transfer. Your data is protected under strict safety and security standards when we obtain your data.

To use SSL, your browser should support SSL and you need to activate SSL option. Data you provide to us are stored until deemed necessary by legal requirements and your operations are completed. You can access these data or change the information on our update pages. Since we constantly develop our website, there can be changes regarding data use. You will be informed about all developments under “Privacy Procedure” title.

Privacy of Reservation Records When you made a reservation, you will have a reservation code (Reference Code). This reservation code provided during reservation will be on the ticket. You are responsible for keeping this reservation code private at all times. If you share this reservation code, others can access your reservation information. If group reservation is made for multiple people, since the same reservation code will be on the tickets of other people in the group, if you don’t want these people to access your personal reservation information, you may prefer separate reservation. NEVŞEHİR SEYAHAT has no responsibility in case 3rd parties access your reservation code. All responsibility due to disclosure of reservation code belongs to you and under any conditions, NEVŞEHİR SEYAHAT has no liability or responsibility under such event.